Natural Regeneration - Jul 29th 2009 @ 04:09PM
by Matt Stone
Natural Regeneration
Have you ever noticed how life repeats itself? How like begets like?  Take an oak tree, for example; it starts out when it’s just an acorn, hanging on an oak tree - waiting to drop to the ground.

An acorn will then lie on the ground during a stratification period of 30-90 days at temperatures between 32-41 degrees Fahrenheit to break the embryo dormancy. Once this process is complete germination begins with the emergence of the radical or embryonic root. The seedling will now produce a tap root, which will support the tree for the duration of its life. After the epicotyl emerges, which produces the stem and leaves, it slowly beings to grow in height, all the while supported by the tap root.

As the seedling grows into a tree, it begins to take on the characteristics of its seed source.  After many years, a mature oak tree now stands ready, waiting to drop an acorn to the ground.  Like begetting like - a natural process.

There is a certain solace in the fact that like begets like, that the genetics of the preceding generation can be found in each subsequent generation.

Armed with this knowledge, we can rest assured that an oak tree will always be good for our environment and economy providing food and shelter for wildlife, carbon sequestration, and jobs for our timber industry through sound silvicultural practices.

Have you ever noticed how human life resembles natural life?  Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.  My great-great-great-great-great grandfather was David Stone from Ireland, who begot Moses Stone of Perquimons County, North Carolina; who begot William Zacharia Stone of Potts Camp, Mississippi; who begot Zachary Taylor Stone of Glendale, Arkansas; who begot William Zacharia Stone of Pine Bluff, Arkansas; who begot Lee Roy Stone of Pine Bluff, Arkansas; who begot Benny Gene Stone of Monticello, Arkansas; who begot Matthew Talbot Stone of Camden, Arkansas; who begot Mason Tyler Stone of Harmony Grove, Arkansas. Each subsequent generation will take on the characteristics of the preceding generation.

 I take great solace in the fact that nine generations of Stones have made their living in our country from the land, owning and taking care of the land, and raising their sons to be natural men - each making a contribution to the stewardship of our natural resources.  This confirms in my mind that like produces like. I’m just waiting for the day when the next acorn hits the ground.

Naturally Yours,

Matt Stone 


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