Already Gone - Jan 27th 2009 @ 04:46PM
by Matt Stone
Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get into a rut? You get up, go to work, take your kids to ball practice, come back to the house, have dinner, and walk the dog, then crash in the bed. The next morning, you get up and start all over. If I’m describing a day in your life, I’m not trying to do it on purpose; I’m just sharing with you what a day in my life sometimes looks like.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose our focus somewhere along the way. I can remember in vivid detail of how hectic my family's life was, trying to live out the American dream. As I look back, I realize that a lot of the hustle, bustle and stress that came along with living out the American dream were unnecessary.

The turning point in my life came when our family began to shift its priorities. We still worked and played ball, but we no longer let it be the focus of our lives. One of the things we did differently was acquire some land for recreational activities as well as investment opportunities. Our kids loved our new lifestyle with no hectic schedules, and a simpler way of life began to develop. With the purchase of the land, our old unnatural lifestyle turned into a new natural life. Fresh air, wildlife, and swimming; the recreational activities were endless! I had been chained to an unnatural way of life and didn’t even realize it.

Sometimes I have ideas or thoughts in my head, and I know what they mean, but they stay a little fuzzy until something is said or done that makes the whole thought process gel. I was riding down the road one day listening to an oldies station and heard a song that I’d many times before, "Already Gone" by the Eagles. For whatever reason a verse in that song made my thoughts come together: “so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never knew we have the key." I had been chained to a way of life, and obtaining land helped set me free.

We still work, have friends, and have a social life, but you can bet that when I feel the cares of the world about to overtake me, I’m already gone to that place that sets me free.

Naturally Yours,
Matt Stone
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