Land - Jan 30th 2009 @ 09:46AM
by Matt Stone
Land is the life blood of our country.  All people live on the land and their livings are made either directly of indirectly from it.  It is the foundation of our economy and our way of life. 

Everyone’s job is connected to the land.  Some people make their living directly from the land, such as farmers, loggers, and miners.  These caretakers grow, harvest, or extract the raw products that allow all other goods and services to be provided to the people of our country.  These men and women, the front line in our economy, brave the elements day in and day out to provide the building blocks of our country.  Other people pick up where they leave off.  They take the raw products and process them, so we can have the goods and services that we enjoy.  The finished products let us live our way of life. Our homes, our clothes, and our food—everything we have comes from the land.  By connecting all the dots in the supply chain, all goods come from the land and the supporting service jobs they provide owe their existence to the land. 

A Native American proverb says, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.”  Land is not a renewable resource.  And because there is only a finite amount, it needs to be managed to provide the raw products that we need to sustain our way of life.   That’s our responsibility.

Mossy Oak Properties Investment Realty Inc. believes that the proper management of land should include considerations for wildlife, water, timber, and recreation.  Wildlife coexists with us and provides for us in many ways:   as a food source, recreational opportunities, and the jobs that are created through the proper management of them.  Without a potable source of water, all life would cease to exist.  Without water, many recreational opportunities and its impact on our economy would be foregone.  Timber provides for us building materials and paper products that we use in our everyday life.  In some areas of the country, the timber industry is the leading provider of jobs. Recreation is the enjoyment we find by direct use of the land or the use of products made from the land.  The aesthetic and societal benefits derived from the land are numerous.  In some instances, the recreational use of land is its highest and best use.  Some land may be more suited than others for one of these purposes, but each component’s usefulness should be considered if possible.

Our company believes that everyone can participate in the stewardship of the earth and be a catalyst in our economy by owning land.  Ownership of land can give people a chance to manage the individual as well as the intertwined components of the land.  Historically, land has always been a sound economic investment.  But even more, owning land is also an investment in the stewardship of our wildlife, water, wood, and our recreation.  Ownership gives all people the chance to participate in managing the land that we borrow from our kids.  
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