Natural Man - Jan 30th 2009 @ 09:56AM
by Matt Stone
What does it mean to be a “natural man”?  Collectively, it’s men and women who are concerned about our environment and do more than pay lip service to their concerns.  When I think of nature, I immediately think of our natural resources that we have available to us on earth.  And I have the mindset that I have the responsibility to take care of them.  Now can I really take care of the earth’s resources by myself?  Not really, but I can help.  What I can do, is MY part in the conservation of our natural resources.

I own land.  On my land I have implemented various forestry and wildlife practices.  When I manage my land, I try to maximize the management of the wood, water, wildlife, and recreation.  While each one of these is an individual component, they come together in the aggregate to make the whole. 

When I manage for wood, I try to evaluate the age, species composition, and stocking of the stand.  Some tracts are selectively harvested to promote wood growth and enhance wildlife habitat.  Others are final harvested and replanted to ensure the continued sustainability of timber.  Even when stands are final harvested, if done properly, they also can benefit wildlife. 
The management of water usually consists of the use of streamside management zones (SMZs), the use of water bars to help control erosion, and the way streams are crossed during the harvesting process.

The management of wildlife is achieved by the enhancement of the natural habitat and the species and numbers that are harvested.  Many individuals use their state’s Game and Fish Regulations as their guidelines.  Others use more stringent harvest guidelines to promote trophy game.  For example deer and turkey are frequently hunted in a more conservative manner on private land. 

Recreation, that’s a broad brush stroke.  To me it’s “huntin’ and fishin’”.  To others it’s hiking and bird watching.  Who is right?  We both are; recreation is utilizing the land for you and your family and friends for what makes you happy (as long as it’s legal).  The point is, recreate on your property the way you want to and let your neighbor recreate the he wants to.

The good thing about my property is that it’s also an investment for me.  In many cases the economic return is greater than I could have earned in the stock market or other investments.  Think about it:   investment opportunities as well as being a steward of our natural resources.  What could be better?

Do you have natural man’s mindset?  While important, is your environmental contribution relegated to separating paper and plastic? Are you a Natural Man?  Let us help you find your way to the woods.

Naturally Yours,
Matt Stone 
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