The Game Plan - Jan 30th 2009 @ 09:58AM
by Matt Stone
We had just come home from a peewee football game. My son, Mason, age eight and still in his uniform, found me and made an announcement, “I’m going to play football for the Arkansas Razorbacks when I go to college.”   My response was, “Great, I believe you can do it.”   Then I followed that statement with a question.  "What are you going to do to get there?"   He said, "What do you mean?"  "Well, son, every boy in the state wants to play football for the Razorbacks.  What are you going to do to set yourself apart from the rest of the players?"  The puzzled looked gradually faded from his face as I explained to him what would be required of him to get there.  "Son, you have to learn to be Mr. Hustle.  You have to practice harder, know the plays better, and be willing to run the extra lap after practice."   I could tell he understood what I was saying.

Having an investment plan is similar to having a game plan.  First you have to determine what your goals are.  Do you want a large or small tract of land?   Do you want to grow pine or hardwood timber or possibly both?   What type of recreational opportunities interest you?   What state and county do you want your land in and what is the tax rate there?  What percentage of your investment portfolio do you want to have in land?

Once you have answered these questions, you can move forward to the acquisition of the land.   First, locate several possible properties that fit the profile of what you are looking for.  Then narrow the search to the tract that exactly suits your palate.  Finally, formulate an investment plan for your future and have the courage to see it through.

That may mean that you have to be Mr. or Ms. Hustle.  That may mean you have to do a little research, so you can make an informed decision.  You may have to start off with smaller tracts of land and build your land base in incremental steps.  Just be willing to stay in the game until you score.  Because when you do score, the rewards will be great:   both economic and recreational memories that will last a lifetime.   It’s a natural progression:  you plan, you prepare, and you achieve your goals.

By the way look for Mason in the 08 season on television as he runs out of the tunnel and onto the field in Fayetteville, Arkansas home of the Arkansas Razorbacks at Reynolds stadium. He’ll be the one living his dream, and I’ll be the dad up in the stands with the biggest smile.

Naturally Yours,
Matt Stone
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