Ancillary Benefits - Mar 24th 2009 @ 02:05PM
by Matt Stone

            I had a plan.  I was going to strategically place food plots for the wildlife on our property.     The food plots were of various shapes and sizes. We also had a power line and a gas line that traversed our property, and while those right-of-ways may have been taken out of timber production, they made excellent acreage for wildlife.


            Every Saturday, it was off to the woods.  It was equipment, fertilizer, seed, and my son, Mason, in tow.  Now daddy had work to do, but not at the expense of time with my son. This way I could take care of the wildlife and enjoy my son at the same time.


            Mason was three when we started working together.  I let him do all he could do.  Being just three, his contribution to the manual labor was negligible at best.  But in his mind he was matching dad step for step.  His real contribution to the project was the inspiration he gave me, a reminder of what’s was really important in life and what I was really working for.


            As time marched on, the benefits of our work began to pay off.  With a management plan in place, it really accelerated the benefits we had hoped to see.  Larger racks for bucks, increased body weight for the deer, and fewer does lactating late in the fall.  As Mason got older his ability to shoulder his part of the manual labor also increased.  It was a natural process; with the proper nutrition and time to grow, both the deer and my son got bigger.


            The food plots were a success. The game became more abundant, bigger, and healthier and I spent time with my son.  What a winning combination for me.


            That was fifteen years ago.  Mason is now in college, but the time I spent with him was priceless.   I had had a plan to put in food plots for the wildlife and spend time with my son.  I got more than I bargained for.  Not only had I grown food plots, it had an ancillary benefit that I didn’t realize at the time; I’d also grown a man.  More than that, a natural man, someone that enjoys the outdoors and is keenly aware of the reasonability that goes along with the ownership of land.



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