Around The Bend - Jan 30th 2009 @ 09:27AM
by Matt Stone
Whenever my kids want to undertake a new project, we sit down and discuss what they want to do and what the possible outcomes may be.  Generally, they think in terms of the here and now, for kids are tactical in their thinking, almost never forward or strategic in their thought process.  Although my kids are certainly not deficient in their thought process in any way, they are still kids and think as such.         

I try to move them to start thinking strategically.  In the past, I’ve taken them out into the front yard and had them look down the road that runs in front of our house that has a sharp 90 degree turn in it, and ask them how far they can see down the road?  They say that they can see all the way to the turn.  I tell them that I can see around the curve.

Now I’m not a soothsayer but I have a whole lot of living, learning, and life experiences that they don’t have, and I try to let them have the benefit of my years of living.  Are all of my decisions right?   No, that’s why I try to let them have the benefit of my success as well as my mistakes. Sometimes they take my advice; sometimes they don’t. 

People process information differently based on several different factors.  The factors that influence a person's decision-making process are their work experience, level of education, the way they were raised, and just plain old common sense. 

One decision that has always been a good one for me is to invest in timber and recreational land.  I’ve always felt that timber and recreational land purchases are a strategic acquisition for me in my investment portfolio.  Historically timber and recreational land have appreciated in value as well as increased in timber growth and recreational value.

My kids are in the transition mode from being kids to being young adults. And with the change, I can see a shift in their thought process, from tactical to strategic thinking. Are they always going to make the right decisions?  No, but one decision that I hope they make when they are fully grown is to invest in land.  Why?  Because I want them to see the importance of land:  land is at the other end of the road; land is what the road is on; land holds up our country's economy.  I want them to be forward-thinking adults in life, especially when it comes to the stewardship of our land.  In life, I want them to see around the bend in the road and know where they are headed.

I think it’s natural for kids to seek advice from their parents.  I'm glad that I have a relationship with them where they seek fatherly advice from me.  I pray that I always give them sound advice that has their best interest at heart. 

Naturally Yours,

Matt Stone     
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