Emerald Sea - Jan 30th 2009 @ 09:31AM
by Matt Stone
Every once in awhile I’ll drift into a state of mind where I’m cognizant of what I’m doing, but at the same time I’m in my own little world.  Usually I have this reoccurring daydream in the winter.  It’s always pretty cool outside; the temperature is in the mid 30’s; the sun is coming up, and there is a good stiff breeze at my back.  This same scenario plays out often in my mind.  I can be by myself or with a couple of friends; as the scene unfolds in my mind’s eye, it’s always the same.  I’m standing in the middle of an emerald sea, about knee deep in water, and then suddenly the water starts to move.  Life’s like that sometimes; you snap into reality and your standing knee deep in the middle of it.  Sometimes by yourself or sometimes with others, either way you have to decide how you’re going to respond to it.

I’ve always been curious about trying new things. As a young adult, I heard a man give a motivational speech one time, and he made a statement that has always stuck with me.  He said that “most people live out their lives in quiet desperation."  He went on to explain that most people are afraid to move out of their comfort zones.  This was not said to provoke people into a course of careless action, but to challenge them to act.

When I think back as a young man, the thought of buying land made me want to shrink back into my comfort zone.  But fortunately, I didn’t give into the fear and went ahead and made my first land purchase. With each additional land purchase, the process became easier.  Now I still do my homework and make sure the next land purchase will add value to my investment portfolio.  The only difference now is the fear is gone.    

The statement about lives of desperation came to fruition one day when a man that I knew casually approached me.  During our conservation, he said that he was retired now and had always wanted to build a land base.  He said that he had the wherewithal to buy the land but lacked the courage to make the investment.  All I heard him say was, "Son, I have lived a life of quiet desperation."  I tried to explain to him that it’s never too late to fulfill a lifelong ambition.  But I was too late; the fears in his mind had overtaken him.

Wait…my lab just nudged me back into reality. We are on some of our land standing in the water and the emerald sea is starting to move.  Those greenheads are shimmering in the sunrise, and those emerald green mallard feathers are the most brilliant color my eyes have ever seen.  I sure am thankful for the opportunity every time I have the chance to experience it.
Land has always been here and is a natural investment for the willing.  If you’re teetering on the brink of woe, let us help you move out of your comfort zone.

Naturally Yours,

Matt Stone
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